This article will serve as the Semper Haven Wiki's Article Naming Conventions for users to reference when creating their articles. Articles that do not follow these conventions are subject to be renamed by the Wiki Administrators. If you have any questions regarding these conventions, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments below!

First Come, First Serve

Every article on the wiki has a unique title, and no two articles can have the same title. To keep things simple, article naming comes on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the title you wish to have for your article is already taken, it is up to you to contact the administrators if you wish to discuss what can be done.

Keep it Kosher

This should be self explanatory. Your article name shouldn't contain vulgar or offensive language, nor should it target anyone specific in the Semper Haven community in a negative, harassing way. If it does, it will be subject to deletion by the administrators.

Don't Use "The!"

If possible, please do not attach "The" to the titles of any page you wish to contribute. Articles are organized alphabetically in their categories, so adding "The" will only make it more difficult for someone to find your page!


If you wish to add a Character page to the wiki, please follow the naming convention of not including any titles to the character.

  • For example, Lord Ulfgar Asgaldsen's would be titled Ulfgar Asgaldsen.