A year consists of 364 days, split into twelve months. Six months have 31 days, five have 30 days and one has 28 days. Very similar to the Gregorian Calendar, real-world equivalents to Tamriel's system of time are listed in parentheses. The days are organized into a week seven days long.


The following are the names of the 12 Months in a Year:

  1. Morning Star
  2. Sun's Dawn
  3. First Seed
  4. Rain's Hand
  5. Second Seed
  6. Mid Year
  7. Sun's Height
  8. Last Seed
  9. Hearthfire
  10. Frostfall
  11. Sun's Dusk
  12. Evening Star


A week is a unit of time lasting 7 days. The days of the week, in order, are:

  1. Morndas
  2. Tirdas
  3. Middas
  4. Turdas
  5. Fredas
  6. Loredas
  7. Sundas

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