This article serves as a Character template for users to copy into their own character articles. This is by no means a mandatory template, but a resource to use for ideas when considering what to put on your character article!

In this initial section of a character page, a brief description is often best to get the attention of any potential reader. A small paragraph summarizing your character could go here!

Character Page Creation

Feel free to click the Edit button, then select 'Insert' and choose 'Infobox' from the drop down list. Select 'Infobox Character'.  From here, complete the details as requested and applicable.  Note: You should upload an image of your character, to the Photos  page


(Describe your character here. What they look like, how they dress, and any features or scars that would be significant.)


(Describe your character's choice of clothing here. What do they typically wear?)


(If your character is a fighting sort, you could include what their preferred weapons are here.)


(Describe your character's history briefly or give an introduction here.)


(What did your character experience when he/she was young?)


(If your character joined a faction, you could tell how and why they joined it!)


(If your character has a title or honorific, you could tell how they earned it!)


(Describe your character's personality here. How they react to things, any prejudices or quirks they might have.)


(What faith does your character subscribe to? Are they devout to a church?)


(Does your character have any unusual or notable about how they conduct themselves?)


(If your character has loyal friends or has had romantic relationships, you could describe them here.)