This article will serve as a guide to Role-Playing Terminology.


Godmoding or God Moding is the act of forcing actions or injuries onto another player's character.


  • Player A: "Player A shoves his sword through Player B, killing him instantly."

To avoid being accused of godmoding, it is generally good practice for one to imply that their attack is an attempt.


  • Player A: "Player A attempts to skewer Player B, thrusting his sword towards his abdomen."
  • Player B: "Player B narrowly avoids the attack by sidestepping!" ...etc.


Powerplaying or Power Playing is the act of using unreasonable powers, strength or resilience in role-play at the expense of other role-players' characters. This is often associated with Godmoding.


  • Player: "My character raises an imbued shield blessed by Uther himself that burns anyone who touches it and kills them instantly with righteous fire that rains down from the heavens!"

To avoid being accused of powerplaying, it is generally good practice for one to be humble and reasonable in their character's capabilities.


  • Player: "My character raises a holy shield, focusing all of his concentration on the barrier. It would protect him from minor blows, but it might be shattered with successive attacks."


Metagaming or Meta-Gaming is the act of using information that your character does not know in role-play.


  • Player: "Ha! Your character committed the murder! ((I saw it on the wiki!))"

To avoid being accused of metagaming, it is generally good practice to only role-play with information your character has found out or studied in role-play.


  • Player: "We should investigate the murder to find out who did it!"