A Dragonknight and a gentleman, Ishaolm is the strange new blood that pulses through the heart of the land. In a time of turmoil and tense politics, this warrior appears suddenly... as many others do... imprisoned in Coldharbour by the forces of Molag Bal , who had stolen Ishaolm's soul to empower himself for his conquest of Tamriel through his summoning of a "planemeld". Eventually, through the joint heroics of himself, The Five Companions, and other vestiges, Ishaolm defeats Molag Bal and intervenes with the Daedric Prince's plans for world domination.


Though he suffered from amnesia in his time as a vestige, upon the release of his soul from the clutches of Molag Bal, Ishaolm travelled across Tamriel in search of his missing past. Through various quests he discovers that he is of Daedric Lineage... the result of a coupling between Sheogorath and Mephala that took place on a night of spiced wine and Elsweyr Fondue. Because of this, it is uncertain when Ishaolm was born as there is no real sense of time in Oblivion... though if asked Sheogorath would always say that it was a night "...of fondue-filled pleasures to die for! AND... what a Lady that spinner! She had me wrapped up through dinner... the cheese from milk, and my pleas in silk! But to lose such a brilliant sense of time... is such a madness made flesh... my suffering... divine!"

Post-Vestige History

Upon stopping Molag Bal's planemeld and winning back his soul, Ishaolm traveled across Tamriel earning glory and gold as a mercenary and sometimes emissary, fighting alongside many Kings, Queens, and peasants alike. He eventually joined up with a guild, The Semper Haven, and continues his quest for righteous cause and just balance in matters of all planes. His life as a Daedra has not been seen as a threat by most citizens of Tamriel as he is an enforcer of sorts making certain that no Daedric Prince nor mortal oversteps the boundaries of The Ninth Law, of which even Daedra may be subject to and punishable if found guilty of infraction.

Daedric Lineage And Supposed Prophecy

Being as Ishaolm is the offspring of a Daedric coupling, he is sometimes treated with suspicion as most see Daedra as troublemakers in Mundus and beyond. Though he may be a Daedric Prince himself, Ishaolm has claimed victories for Aedra as well, earning the title of champion from both Azura and Alessia . Supposedly, there have been parchments uncovered by archaeologists that some claim are evidence that Ishaolm is the incarnation of Lorkhan and that his saving Nirn from the planemeld, and his present life as a Daedric enforcer of The Ninth Law, is only a masquerade... and that he will one day reveal himself as Lorkhan reborn and destroy all planes of existence in order to create a foundation from the nothingness for a new era of his reign.

But... what about all that cheese?