The Senior Officers, are the primary Officers of The Semper Haven. The Senior Officers meet in the Officer Quarter of the Guild House.

The Senior Division Officers are a group of four wise guild members who were elected to guide the Guild's three divisions, as well as to serve as an advisory body for the Commander of the Guild. The original Senior Officers originally had no set meeting place, and met irregularly at predetermined locations. With the construction of the Guild House after the guild rank restructure, the Senior Division Officers now permanently reside in Mournhold.

History of the High Council

Early History

The origins of the Senior Officers are traced back to the founders of the Semper Haven who assembled at an unknown location, to contemplate the roles and the structure of the Semper Haven, with Guild founders Synyster and Jozef among its first members. At this time, the Senior Officers established of a meeting of several trusted guild members, to create a loose hierarchy in the Semper Haven.

Recent History

As of Frostfall 582, the Senior Officers had been formally created, making pertinent decisions for the guild.

Organization and politics

As the governing body of the entire Semper Haven, the Senior Officer's decision is final and to be respected by all Guild members. Membership on this esteemed body is limited to four Officers at a time;the Colonel and three Division Captains.

Known members

Commanders listed in bold.

  • Synyster (Hearthfire, 2E 582 - Hearthfire, 2E 582)
  • Jozef (Hearthfire, 2E 582 - )
  • Loku Stal (Frostfall, 2E 582 - )
  • Wulfgaric (Frostfall, 2E 582 - )
  • Dragnipür (Frostfall, 2E 582 - )