Operating the Semper Haven Wiki and keeping its content readily accessible to the server community takes a good deal of work! Whether it be reformatting articles, creating new categories to expand upon, initiating wiki projects or undoing vandalism, the Wiki Administrators all share the common goal of providing the Semper Haven with a valuable resource.

Loku (Owner)

  • Wiki founder and designer.
  • Approves new administrators.
  • Can be contacted for wiki technical support.
  • Can be contacted for fanon discrepancies.

Loku, known better as Loku Stal founded the Semper Haven wiki with the intent to provide the guild with an archive of Semper Haven history and a resource for networking in the role-playing scene. Loku is mostly known for leading The Social Division.

Becoming an Admin

Anyone who is an administrator on the wiki has to have pledged to never vandalize or delete content or that they may not personally like or condone such actions. Administrators are generally expected to be helpful and answer any user questions or concerns. We all want to provide a friendly and welcoming environment where all can contribute freely. They must read and agree to the Administrator Code of Conduct.

Administrators must also have contributed a significant amount of content to the wiki before being considered for the role. If you are interested in becoming an administrator on the Semper Haven wiki, contact the admins on our respective profile pages.

Contact us!

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the wiki on our user pages or in-game! We will do our best to answer any questions within 24 hours.